Vanuatu Weather

What You Need to Know About Vanuatu Weather

Of course when you are making plans for a Vanuatu holiday you are going to be interested in what you can expect in regards to the Vanuatu weather during your stay there. Not only is this important for your planned events during the time you will be there and enjoying Port Vila, but you also want to know what will be the most appropriate attire to pack for the time away.

You can be sure of one thing in regards to the weather for Port Vila is that there isn’t a big fluctuation in the Vanuatu climate in regards to temperatures throughout the year.

At its highest temperature has been registered at 34 C but for the most part the winter temperatures will remain around the 24 C mark, although the hottest month in Vanuatu is in February where the temperatures will hover around 29 C.

If you are planning your July trip around August then the history of Vanuatu weather indicates the temperatures will be at their lowest which is around 23 C.

Depending on where you are from you most likely find that the Vanuatu weather is most comfortable no matter what time of year you are planning on visiting there. It has been noted that Vanuatu does experience small phases of high humidity during certain periods, although not enough to make you need uncomfortable. For those that come from cooler climates or drier air then it will only take a short time to adjust to the humidity.

When it comes to seasons, rather than categorise Vanuatu into four seasons it’s more appropriate to view it as a tropical climate. The month that normally gets the most rain is April, although the sun is guaranteed to shine almost every day, and rainfall is lower than many other holiday destinations – making it a good destination to travel to, even during the rainiest month. If your trip to Vanuatu is planned for September then you can pretty much count on it being the dry season. You will no doubt enjoy a wonderful experience with the south-east trade winds that are found here.

With the temperatures as they are here you are certain to find your stay no matter what time of year to be most pleasant. Even if you happen to be in Vanuatu and experiencing some days of rain there is so much going on indoors it will not put on a damper on your holiday experience.

So when it comes to packing for the Vanuatu weather as you get ready for your wonderful holiday you definitely want the focus to be on light clothing. You may want to pack a sweater or two especially if you are going in the cooler season.

Be sure to rely on our expertise and experience when it comes to planning and making all the arrangement for a stay in Vanuatu. We look after all the travel and stay responsibilities, which in turn will allow you to build your anticipation for a holiday you will never forget.

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