Malekula Island

maleculaDiscover the wonders of Malekula Island, steeped in history and adventure! From ancient burial sites once inhabited by cannibals to pristine golden beaches perfect for swimming and snorkelling, there’s something for every traveller. Delve into the lush forests and majestic mountains, where walking tracks offer unparalleled views of virgin bush and native wildlife.

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of over 30 languages, united by the universal language of smiles. Witness captivating traditional dances that showcase the island’s vibrant heritage.

Despite its chilling past, rest assured that the island is now completely safe for visitors. Embark on an unforgettable journey filled with exploration and discovery.

South Malekula Tours

Lamap Art and Cultural Festival

malekula-lamap-art-and-cultural-festivalExperience the vibrant traditions and rich culture of the Lamap community during their exciting two-day art and cultural festival! Immerse yourself in the heart of local life as you witness captivating ceremonies such as the authentic pig exchange, skill displays, and custom dancing.
Listen to enchanting stories passed down through generations while savouring the flavours of delicious organic island cuisine.

As the sun sets, unwind to the melodic tunes of local string bands and indulge in kava tastings, truly immersing yourself in the authentic spirit of the island.

Port Sandwich Festival, Malekula

Join us for an extraordinary cultural immersion at the Port Sandwich Arts Festival, located in Draval Village near Lamap on the enchanting island of Malekula! Experience a meticulously curated showcase of custom and cultural activities over two unforgettable days. From traditional performances to intricate displays, this festival promises an unparalleled glimpse into the vibrant heritage of the region.

Anchored at Port Sandwich, yachties are perfectly positioned to partake in the festivities and soak up the unique atmosphere of this captivating event.


Maskelyne Island

maskelyne-islandExplore the breathtaking beauty of the Maskelyne Island group, nestled at the southeast tip of the Malakula Island mainland. This stunning archipelago comprises two larger islands, Sakao and Uliveo, as well as several smaller ones, each boasting its own unique charm.

Discover the mesmerising fringing reefs that encircle each island, providing a haven for diverse marine life and offering unparalleled opportunities for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.

Notably, the fringing reef of the enchanting Vulai Island stretches over 2.6 nautical miles, merging seamlessly into the expansive barrier reef known as the Sughulamp Reef, a testament to the area’s natural splendour.

Dugong Tour

dugong-tourEmbark on a captivating journey from Lamap Point, traversing through the Dravail Conservation Area to reach the renowned Gaspard Bay, a favoured feeding ground for majestic Dugongs. Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters and swim alongside these gentle giants before unwinding on your very own private beach, where you can indulge in a delightful picnic amidst the stunning coastal scenery.

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