Vanuatu’s Major Events

vanuatu-major-eventsThere is a certain amount of flexibility in the life of the people of Vanuatu. There have heaps of public holidays and some can be announced at a moment’s notice by the PM following the death of a prominent public official. In other words, expect the unexpected in Vanuatu. There are many major events and here is a selection.

  • Land diving (the first bungee jumping) takes place every Saturday between April and June on Pentecost Island
  • In June there are ocean swims and swim/run events on Efate and Santo
  • July is a busy month for celebrations. The French influence survives on Efate on July 14 with Bastille Day and July 3o is Independence Day for Vanuatu everywhere. Efate has a number of events including a ball, horse racing, a beauty quest and a round-the-island relay race.
  • Efate in August is again a hive of activity with golf tournaments, sand drawing, fun runs and kite surfing.
  • In September on Efate there are fishing competitions and a triathlon and on Ambrym there is a Mini Arts Festival.
  • In October Efate hosts two music festivals and on Santo there is the World’s Greatest Shore Dive Festival.
  • Would you believe Melbourne Cup Day is celebrated on Efate on that famous Tuesday in November?
  • Being predominantly Christian, Christmas with carol services is prominent on Vanuatu.

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