Vanuatu’s animals

Welcome to the lush paradise of Vanuatu, nestled in the stunning southern Pacific Ocean. With its rich tapestry of tropical rainforests and vibrant coral reefs, this island is a haven for diverse plant and animal life.

The Iguana is the national animal of Vanuatu and the locals in Vanuatu proudly claim that there are no dangerous animals or insects in Vanuatu – “They’re all safe and friendly!”.

Vanuatu boasts over 121 species of birds and bats. Among its unique avian inhabitants are the Tanna Fruit-dove, the Vanuatu Honeyeater, and the Royal Parrotfinch.

Venture into the island’s lush vegetation, and you’ll encounter a dazzling array of insects and bugs, from millipedes to katydids and unique cricket species. But it’s the breathtaking butterfly population that truly steals the show, fluttering gracefully throughout the landscape.

Keep an eye out for the charming Vanuatu Scaly-toed Gecko, a reptile exclusive to the island.

Dive into Vanuatu’s crystal-clear waters, teeming with an abundance of marine life. From turtles and swordfish to playful dolphins and majestic dugongs, the ocean offers an unparalleled spectacle. Explore vibrant coral reefs and discover unique sea creatures, including starfish species and crab varieties, including the incredible coconut crab, some of which exhibit extraordinary behaviours like climbing mangrove trees!

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