After Port Vila, Luganville is the largest city in Vanuatu. It’s on the island of Espiritu Santo although most people call it just Santo. They say that about half a million Americans took R ‘n R in Luganville during WW2 and you can see their influence in the width of the main street and in many of the buildings. Luganville is quaintly old world. Some of the streets have no name and asking directions is almost mandatory. It’s small enough to get around by foot. One of its main attractions is the local market. Not only does it have fresh, organic fruit and vegetables and other goods at cheap prices, it also operates 24 hours a day. Oh, except for Sunday nights. The eateries in Luganville are another highlight. And if you want to see concrete roads built by the Americans in the 1940s, Luganville’s the place to go.

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