Pentecost Island

It’s a long narrow island which got its name from Europeans who first saw it on the Day of Pentecost. Raga and Araga are native names for the island. From a tourism point of view, the activity of bungee jumping began here. It was, and still is, a manhood ritual and a way of seeking a blessing for the harvest. Young men would tie vines to their feet than leap from towers. It’s called land diving and is a great treat with the locals making sounds and movements as the young men dive from the sky. You can still visit Pentecost from April to June each year to witness this amazing festivity firsthand, it usually runs on Saturdays. This is a village island, one without towns as found elsewhere in Vanuatu. The locals deal with cash crops and subsistence farming. There are small airports for internal Vanuatu flights. Yachties are regular callers to the villages.

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