Lakona Bay Kastom Festival

Gaua Island’s scenic centre is truly impressive and features Mount Garet, an active volcano, and Siri Waterfall, an amazing 120m fall created by the overflow from Lake Letas, the largest lake in Vanuatu.

It is the most spectacular place in Vanuatu and is an excellent venue for the annual Lakona Bay Kastom Festival. This year the festival will be held on Friday and Saturday, 19th and 20th August 2016.

Hosted by the villages from the Lakona Bay region, you will be personally welcomed into the community to experience local Kastom. The festival includes local dances, wood/stone carving, music, a traditional magic show, bonfires and music on the beach at night, local food and more.

For those looking for some added adventure, trekking to Lake Letas and camping overnight is a great experience, with the caldera rim of the Mount Garet Volcano being cool and forested; however, across the lake and up the hill, there is a surprising desert-like landscape on its summit.

Most of Gaua’s population lives in the east, and there are small stations and coconut plantations all around. Many of the Ni-Vanuatu you will meet around east Gaua are recent settlers, mostly from Mere Lava and Merig islands, where land is in short supply.

Gaua is not far from Santo and relatively easy and inexpensive to visit. The best way to get there is to buy a return Air Vanuatu ticket, and getting around on the island is on foot, which is not difficult as all of the villages are within a comfortable walking distance of each other and offer guesthouse accommodation.

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