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Vanuatu.com.au is ATAS Accredited. This means that it is in the very highest category of professionalism, credibility and reliability. Only the very best in the travel industry are able to achieve this level of accreditation.

Vanuatu.com.au has 17 years experience as a wholesaler and retailer in Vanuatu and has contributed to the development of the tourism industry in Vanuatu through its work in establishing new events, new demographics, and my aiding the start up of new hotels and tour operators in Vanuatu whilst helping enhance the performance of other providers.

Vanuatu.com.au works with the full range of hotels, tour operators, airlines and transfer companies in Vanuatu, including the main tourist islands as well as the outer islands.

Vanuatu.com.au is an Australian Company and has a wide network of staff and associates in Australia and Vanuatu, and is a well-respected brand. The staff are well equipped to handle all Vanuatu enquiries, and the director and founder has lived in several islands of Vanuatu and is extremely well-versed with the Vanuatu travel industry. Due to high demand, the office is manned and open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Vanuatu.com.au has provided on going volunteer services and donations to the people of Vanuatu and will continue to do so in an ever-increasing manner to ensure the prosperity of Vanuatu and its people, and to keep it as a safe and beautiful destination for tourists to enjoy.

Our aim at Vanuatu.com.au is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our level of service. Our qualified Sales and Service teams ensure that our work is completed with as much care as possible. Vanuatu.com.au is Fully Licensed with the highest level of accreditation possible.

Vanuatu.com.au is pleased to be able to sponsor the following charities and organisations through donations as well as physical help in person to build a better community for those in need.

In addition to the charity work in Vanuatu, we also work with several Australian charities.

As a customer of Vanuatu.com.au, you have helped us contribute to the following charities and organisations:

  • Sydney Children's Hospital
  • NSW Rural Fire Brigade
  • QLD Rural Fire Brigade
  • The Lions Eye Clinic for Children
  • Hands Across The Water
  • World Festival of Magic
  • Shane Warne Foundation for Children
  • Red Frogs