Tanna Movie

tannaCurious travellers are often intrigued by the movie “Tanna”.

The Tanna Movie has made waves worldwide, bringing an amazing culture from the depths of the isolated jungle on to the big screen for the world to see.

Tanna is one of the southern-most islands in Vanuatu (less than an hour flight from Fiji). It’s easier to get to Vanuatu than you would think. It’s a few hours from Australia and New Zealand, and it’s known for its friendly nature.

Tanna (and Vanuatu is general) has a somewhat innocent and generous culture. You will be greeted with a friendly smile, and the locals will help you however they can.

The Tanna movie dives into the depths of the cultural tradition of Vanuatu and the differences when compared to Western culture. Although Vanuatu culture is generally more modern than what is seen in the Tanna movie, it is a case of the village elders (and chief) who have insisted on their traditional culture being respected.

This culture is not enforced upon tourists in any way. They greet tourists and respect them highly.

mt-yasurWhilst in Tanna you may also visit Mt Yasur – the world’s most accessible active volcano. There’s also John Frum, and a Canibal Tribe tour (don’t worry, you’ll be safe!)

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