Small Nambas Tour at Rano – Nemi Gortien Ser Culture

Small Nambas
Small Nambas
The Small Nambas Tour at Rano will transport you into another world as your guide talks you through this tribes rituals of daily life and living custom culture. Marvel at the hypnotizing beat of the tam-tams, the colour, and energy of the men and women’s dances. Organised by one of the last Small Nambas custom schools, this tour is a unique opportunity to discover the fascinating culture and traditions of the Nemi Gortien Ser (Spirit of Unity) people. Chief Amedee is the guardian of this custom which continues to be passed on down through the generations. The whole village is involved in this tour with the opportunity for visitors to try out various activities including preparing traditional food , weaving and sand drawing.

Fitness Rating: Easy

Typical tour programme

Tours operate at 10 am every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, bookings essential – other days by request only. Tour duration, is a little more than two hours.​

  • Welcoming ceremony and presentation of salu-salu to you, the honoured guests
  • Men’s Wind Dance, a tale of sea journeys, killing and retribution
  • Women’s Flower Dance, performed during the time of preparation for the Namagi
  • Men’s Dance, giving thanks & honour to a dead chief
  • Traditional food preparation and cooking
  • Making fire in the ancient way
  • Making food bowls, toys, baskets, mats and thatched roofing
  • Sand drawing – discover the meaning of the gecko, and much more.
  • Tasting traditional food and refreshments
  • Calling of spirits into the nalnal (war club)
  • Combined Men’s and Women’s Dance, offering best wishes to the new chief
  • Join in the public dance and be caught up in the rhythm and excitement
  • Farewell and photo opportunities
  • Transfer back to your bungalow

Price: 5,000 VT per person (min 2)
Solo: 7500 VT
Transfers arranged – we will quote a price specific to your location.