Wala Island Historical Site Tour

Visit Wala Island and experience village life and the island’s ancient history. It’s a short 5-10 minute boat ride to the island either by traditional outrigger canoe (or by outboard motorboat if the sea is too rough) then it’s a stroll around local villages and ancient historical sites. Discover the purpose of the large rocks mysteriously arranged in lines and find out how the massive monoliths have been got here – was it manpower or magic? After the tour swim and relax on the beach. Refreshments will be provided by your guide.


Fitness Rating: Moderate


Typical tour programme

  • Experience paddling a traditional outrigger canoe – from Nawori Bungalows across to Wala.
  • Walk a very short distance from the white-sand beaches through the villages, where you will discover 3 different historical sites as your guide tells you custom stories.
  • Beach for relaxing and swimming.
  • Light refreshments served.


Price: 3,900 VT per person (2 minimum) – all inclusive.
Children under 12 half price and under 5’s are free.