Unua Wild-Man Jungle Adventure

A 2-day Malekula ‘quick fix’ of kastom and trekking. Spend the morning immersed in the culture of the unique and isolated Small Nambas Mbotogote and Meninemboas clans followed by one and half days of challenging inland trekking taking you into the steamy jungle wilderness of South-Central Malekula. This is wild man country!

Fitness Rating: Strenuous


Day 1 AM: Arriving in the morning to the small village of Unuafiv on the black sand beach you will drop your hiking gear and take a short walk through the gardens to the dancing site surrounded by the lush jungle. Watch a visceral display of kastom dances from this Small Nambas clan – believed to be the origin of this tribe and still very connected to kastom practices. Admire the body paint, intricately carved face masks and clay masks while dancers stomp and chant to the beat of the mighty tam tam. Afterwards return to Unuafiv to lunch on delicious tropical fare on the beach overlooking the surf.

Day 1 PM: Unuafiv to Melkan Village 3.5 – 4 hours

After lunch you will meet your guide and porters and leave the black-sand beach behind at Unuafiv to trek along the road a short way through coconut, cocoa and local palm plantations before disappearing in to the bush inland to follow and cross a number of scenic alluvial rivers. You, your guide, and porters will walk through the forest learning about the native flora and fauna, and collecting wild-food along the way until you reach the elevated jungle village to swim in the river with Melkan people. A night will be spent in a local house on woven pandanus mats where you will dine on fresh indigenous food.

Day 2: Melkan Village to Unuafiv 6.5 – 7 hours
The second day starts with a steep ascent up on to the ridge with fantastic vistas over the surrounding jungle. Looking out for wild cattle, chickens, boars and the elusive scrub-duck. See majestic native tree species including the Nabanga and massive jungle vines that reach far up in to the canopy. Learn about uses of local timbers for housing, hunting and production as well as surviving in the bush. Descend to a river valley for rest and refreshments stream-side. Ascend again steeply to a huge Nabanga tree up on a mountain which is the location of Lanvo settlement to get a warm welcome and magic views across the landscape and where you have just trekked. Enjoy a delicious organic lunch with food harvested from the ‘secret’ garden and watch a demonstration on traditional hunting techniques. After your rest you will decent gently down through the gardens along the ridge and back down to sea level at Unuatri. Wave to the local village community going about their daily lives in the village before trekking across the main south road and to the beach where you can take a refreshing swim.

Per person: 19,000 VT
(minimum 2, + 4 or more 18,500 VT per person).
Solo Price: 24,500 VT
Includes tour guide, porter, accommodation at Melkan, a cooked lunch at Unuafiv, and all meals while hiking.

SAFETY: Adventure Tourism always has an element of risk, that’s why it’s called “Adventure” tourism. Risks are managed through a comprehensive assessment process to ensure they remain at an acceptable level. Your safety is important to us so we provide specific information on each of our adventure activities. These include health and fitness requirements, what to bring, and general information. This information will also be included in your booking itinerary or contact us below.

Note: This walk requires a good level of fitness and agility. There are many river crossings over slippery boulders and some climbing. Bring sturdy water-compatible shoes and hiking boots. Not recommended for children under 12 years.

Transfers can be arranged. We will quote a price specific to your location.