South West Bay Beach Front Bungalow- SWB

South West Bay Beach front BungalowNestled on the black sandy beach of Lawa Village in South West Bay the South West Bay Beach Front Bungalow onwed by the Serao Family welcomes all visitors alike. Arriving from South West Bay airport it takes you 20 minutes boat ride as you ride along the waves you will see the stunning villages of Wintua, Lorlor, Labor and Lawa village will welcome you with smiles of the Serao family into their traditional huts for your stay.
South West Bay Beach front Bungalow



  • Relaxing, swimming & snorkelling on your doorstep.
  • Lohobakalo Nasara and Cultural Tour
  • Waterfall tour
  • Historical Tour – Lohobakalo Tour
  • Village Tour


The 2 bungalows are built in traditional style. One bungalow has 1 double bed and 1 single bed ideal for family, and the other with one double bed sharing a toilet and bathroom facility.s All bungalows have their own sea-front view. 24 hours electricity is provided by solar powered energy and can charge small appliances such as camera and mobile on 12volts only. 24 Volts appliances can be charge by small generator upon special request. A local restaurant with amazing view of the sea also – a great place to relax after completing the Manbush Trail Tour


Bungalow per person per night- 2, 500VT
Prices includes breakfast.
South West Bay Beach Front Bungalow Restaurant:
The main delicacy is fish and other sea food and locally grown vegetables from the village. Lunch and dinner prices ranges from 500VT to 1500VT



  • Airport transfers
  • 24 hour electricity- Solar powered