Big Nambas Trek – North West Malekula

Big Nambas Trek – North West Malekula
An energetic and rewarding one-day trek that takes you up through the coastal jungle and gardens of North West Malekula crossing the Big Nambas territories and visiting local Francophone and English communities before arriving at spectacular Tenmaru to view the sunset on the black-sand beach and take a refreshing swim.

Fitness rating:
OPTION 1: Moderate
OPTION 2: Strenuous

OPTION 1: Lakatoro/Norsup to Pikayer by 4WD transfer: driving time 1.5 – 2 hours. To Tenmaru by foot: walking time 4-6 hours.
OPTION 2: Do this trek in reverse starting from Tenmaru.

The full-day trek starts at Pikayer (altitude 469m) where you will have refreshment with the primary school teachers and students. Afterwards you will walk alongside local gardens, a beef farm, through the bush on a single trail beside the river with water cress at the edges. After around an hour walking you will see your first Nabanga (banyan) tree then a taro garden under coconut palms. It’s very scenic walking under the shade of the canopy. You will cross your first barbed wire fence taking you close to a historic Big Nambas Cannibal Site. If prearranged (and if time permits) this site can be visited along with the owner Max. Another 15 minutes from the cannibal site and you can have your lunch refreshment break at a beautiful viewing point over picturesque bush to the ocean below (altitude 368m)

5 minutes after your lunch break, you will walk past Natangoura palms, pineapple plants, bamboo forests then the track descends steeply. For 20 minutes you will follow beef (bulluk) farm fences before crossing on an easy track inside the farm. You will then pass through the gate and through yam gardens before arriving at the missionaries’ grave (altitude only 62m) After another 10 minutes walking you will arrive at Tenmaru Village where there is an Anglophone School from Years 1 to 8, six teachers, and both Seventh Day Adventist and Protestant churches.

Arrive at your accommodation for the night at Big Nambas Bungalow or walk another 2km to Pialo Kastom Village Bungalows, right on the black sand beach. Enjoy a swim and refreshments of green coconut and freshly cut fruit as the sun goes down over the ocean. It is worth staying an extra night at this fantastic spot!

Please Note: Female travelers can see the Nasara but are not permitted to see the bones at the cannibal site due to customary reasons.

Per person: 5,900 Vatu (2 min/8 max)
Solo Price: 9,000 Vatu

Includes tour guide, one porter per person and meals/refreshments on the track. Please note accommodation and transfers are additional. We are happy to quote on inquiry.

Tip: Do this as an addition to the two day Dogs Head Walk. This is an economical alternative which saves on transfer fees.

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