Big Nambas Tour at Mae – Nalint Culture

The Big Nambas Tour at Mae takes you back to a time when the this tribe were fearsome warriors and cannibals. Their custom has a distinctly different feel from that of the Small Nambas, perhaps a little darker and more inward-looking, as befits their origins in the rugged jungle interior of Northern Malekula. But don’t worry! August Vaval, your tour guide and his people, will offer you nothing but hospitality and a genuine desire to share the richness of the Nalint culture. Hear the stories of their custom life as told through ceremonial dances for the Namagi, a significant life ceremony. Admire the intricately woven headdresses and skirts of the women, and the energy of the men’s dance. Conclude your Big Nambas experience with traditional refreshments. It’s just 20 minutes drive from Norsup Airport.

Fitness Rating: Easy


  • Welcome dance
  • Circumcision dance
  • Dance to prepare the Nasara (ceremonial place) for Namagi
  • Yam harvest dance
  • Women’s coming of age dance
  • Dance prior to pig-killing at the Namagi
  • Join in the public dance at the end of Namagi
  • Photo opportunities with the Big Nambas
  • Refreshments

Tours operates by request only. Bookings essential.

5,000 VT per person (2 people min)
Transfers arranged – we will quote a price specific to your location.