Aiemsandior Cultural & Snorkelling Tour – Rano Island

This tour is a perfect quick cultural fix. Only a short 5 minute boat ride from mainland Malekula out to Rano Island and you will enter the sacred world of the Small Nambas. This island is steeped in history with the remains of an ancient nakamal, altar, and middens. Be transported into their ancient world with traditional custom dances, weaving, and food preparation demonstrations followed by a hands-on interaction with the ancestors as they are sung into the Koko Nambo or bamboo stick. Your tour ends with a local refreshments including organic fruit, lap lap and fresh coconut juice. Snorkeling is optional (please bring your own snorkeling gear). The island of Rano is on the north east coast of Malekula around 30 minutes by truck from Norsup Airport and 5 minutes by boat across to the island.


Fitness Rating: Moderate

  • Welcome
  • 4 – 5 different custom dances with men, women and pikinini
  • Traditional food preparation
  • Weaving demonstration
  • Visit a Nakamal (meeting house)
  • Wood carving and handicraft display
  • Koko Nambo (feel the power of ancient spirits inside a piece of bamboo)
  • Traditional refreshments – fresh fruit/lap lap/fresh coconut
  • Snorkelling (optional)


PRICE: 5,000 VT per person.
​Transfers can be arranged.
Tour duration: 1hr 30mins maximum.